Universal Power Pack Wheelchair Kit for manual wheelchairs.

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The Power Pack Wheelchair Kit (PPWK) allows the user to be more mobile getting around and it is easy to install on most wheelchairs.


Control & Direction

Steering and speed controls are provided through the joystick, which can be mounted on either side of wheelchair. Your manual wheelchair retains all of its original functions, e.g. folding; transporting; negotiating stairs, etc.

Engage & Disengage

Pulling the black "T" handles on each side puts the PPWK in gear. Pushing the black "T" handles down on each side takes the PPWK out of gear. When the PPWK is not in gear, it handles like your familiar manual wheelchair. Each motor acts independently, or in unison, and provides a true ZTR (Zero Turn Radius).
battery pack

The Battery Pack

The 24V Li-ion battery pack is removable to lighten weight. Charging adapter, controller board, are contained in the battery pack. To remove, unplug a single connector from the system. You can recharge the battery pack when removed, or while left on the wheelchair.

Simple To Install

Installation involves attaching the PPWK to the wheelchair frame. No drilling of holes, and only two wrenches are needed, i.e. 3/4" and 7/16". No modifications are necessary for the wheelchair frame.


Convert your manual wheelchair with the Power Pack Wheelchair Kit.
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